Essential Spices for Your Spice Rack

Essential Spices for Your Spice Rack

 Looking to start your own spice collection? Need to fill your spice rack with spices? Or maybe you’ve gotten the basics down and want to know which other spices, herbs, and blends you should buy to finish off your collection? We’ve got you covered. Here’s what Zest & Zing would recommend to ensure you’ve got some of the most versatile and essential spices on your shelves.

Must-Have Spices for Your Spice Rack - 4 of the Most Versatile Spices We Recommend

First off, when you’re filling out your spice rack, be sure to look for premium quality spices and herbs to get the most flavour and value for your money.Zest & Zing is one of the best places to buy small-batch gourmet spices in the UK. Not only will you receive a high-quality and potent product that we truly believe in, but you’ll be supporting a small business!

And speaking of spice racks, if you’re in the market for a minimalist countertop option, we’ve got small spice racks made out of beautiful olive wood. They come with or without our premium spices!

Of course, if you’re just starting out we’d recommend some essentials: a goodsea salt, a qualitypeppercorn mix,cumin,curry powder, an herb likeoregano, and perhaps a fun seasoning blend likegarlic chili (one that you’ll end up using way more than you think).

But when you’re really to branch out and try something delicious and different, we recommend these four surprisingly versatile spices for your spice rack:

Must-Have Spices for Your Spice Rack - 4 of the Most Versatile Spices We Recommend

1 - Chinese Five Spice Powder

Z&Z has written about the versatility of this ancient spice blend before and we still stand by all thosetips for using Chinese Five Spice. It adds that touch of something that you just can’t put your finger on - heat, spice, fragrance. This blend is perfect for pork, duck, chicken, stir fry dishes, noodles, and even roasted vegetables like Brussels sprouts and glazed carrots. Try it in soups, stews, and slow-cooked dishes as well as barbecued meats. It’s just the thing to make your Chinese dishes taste more authentic! You’ll get the flavours of warmth and sweetness from anise and cinnamon but a cool depth from the fennel and cloves.

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Must-Have Spices for Your Spice Rack - 4 of the Most Versatile Spices We Recommend

2 - Cinnamon Powder

When it comes to cinnamon, don’t scrimp on this essential spice! It’s especially versatile because you can use it in both sweet and savoury foods. We recommend a cinnamonpowder so you can easily sprinkle it into your coffee or smoothies in the morning or top your oatmeal or granola with it. OurCeylon Cinnamon Powder is known as “true cinnamon” because it hails from Sri Lanka where it’s harvested from the inner bark of a tree. High-quality cinnamon packs a vibrant punch of warmth and spice, butit’s also got amazing health benefits. Cinnamon powder elevates breads, pastries, and desserts, as well as gravies, curries, stews, and roasted vegetables like butternut squash and sweet potatoes.

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Must-Have Spices for Your Spice Rack - 4 of the Most Versatile Spices We Recommend

3 - Aleppo Pepper

One of the more nontraditional spices we’re recommending for your spice rack, we’re confident you’ll become a fan of Aleppo Pepper after you’ve tasted it (and not just because it’s trendy right now). This fruity, tangy, subtly hot chile pepper is perfect for everyday use in almost anything, whether you use it for cooking or finishing dishes. We’ve written awhole blog post about Aleppo Pepper, so check it out for tips and inspiration! Try it in salads, on pizza, in pasta sauces, or on top of eggs. Or use it to season your grilled meats, create authentic Middle Eastern dishes, roasting hearty vegetables, or even in desserts! It just might become your go-to chile flake.

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Must-Have Spices for Your Spice Rack - 4 of the Most Versatile Spices We Recommend

4 - Gourmet Vanilla Bean Powder

Okay, this one is a bit out of the box, but hear us out! A gourmet vanilla bean powder could become your secret weapon in the kitchen. It’s a high-end spice, sure, but it’s incredibly vibrant in dishes when used properly. Try an ultra-fragrant vanilla bean powder in baked goods like cakes, cookies, or creams… or simply top your ice cream or lattes with it for a touch of luxury. Use it to elevate your buttercream icing when making desserts or sprinkle it on pancakes. It’s so tantalizing and powerful, it inspired us to makethese overnight oats with almond milk and spices. Vanilla pairs great anywhere cinnamon is involved too!

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