Urfa Chilli


This dried Turkish chili pepper has a building heat with a smoky, almost raisin-like and chocolate flavour. Described as a miracle spice, its distinctly flavoured purple flakes are at the same time sweet, salty, and sour.

  • Try it as a replacement for your regular salt and black pepper and see what you think. Urfa Chili can be used on any regular dish to give it some lively flavour. It obviously works well with Middle Eastern dishes like kebabs, shawarma, hummus, yogurt dips, and roasted eggplant, but it’s also great in garlic infused oil, vegetable dishes, eggs, or a fresh salad.
  • Pairs deliciously with Flatbreads, Salads, Eggplant, Yogurt, Poached Eggs, Chicken Shawarma.
  • Known as Urfa Biber because it originates from the town of Urfa in southern Turkey, this chilli is allowed to ripen on the plant until it turns a dark purple. It’s cured in two stages - through sun drying during the day and sweating (tightly wrapped) at night - before being coarsely ground and tossed with salt. This chilli is traditionally used in Turkish and Kurdish cuisine as a sort of replacement for black pepper.
    • Urfa Chili Crushed with Salt and Sunflower Oil added during the curing process.

    • Each jar contains 18g, approximately 14 x 1/2 Tsp,

    • Recommended usage for maximum freshness is 9 months.

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