Couscous Blend


This fragrant spice blend helps create a brilliant side dish of couscous with raisins, dried fruits, and nuts, a vibrant salad tossed with greens, or a hearty main dish, like a lamb tagine.

  • Originally a North African innovation, couscous has spread across the world and exploded in popularity. This aromatic spice blend is the perfect seasoning to heighten the ancient dish, which can be eaten in many different ways and accompanied by vegetables, fish, meat, nuts, and more.
  • Pairs deliciously with Couscous, Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Lamb.
  • The Berbers of Morocco and surrounding areas lay claim to the origins of couscous. Mentioned in a Marrakesh recipe found in a 13th-century cookbook, couscous likely dates back even further. Once cooked simply with sour milk and butter, it was traditionally used to feed hungry travelers and nomadic Berbers to keep them feeling full. Where it could be afforded, variations soon included spices, saffron, raisins, almonds, walnuts, and pistachios.
    • Parsley, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Paprika, Ginger.

    • Each jar contains 20g, approximately 14 x 1/2 Tsp,

    • Recommended usage for maximum freshness is 9 months.

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