Cooking with fresh spices

The best quality spices make such a difference

As a young boy, I remember the banquets my parents organised for their friends and family. My mum took so much pride in her cooking and the mouthwatering dishes stayed with everyone who fell under the spell she had created with only a little sprinkling of fresh cinnamon.

spice rack

Seasonal quality comes from the source

There is simply no better gourmet experience than having excellent food and local ingredients at the peak of their flavour. Through my travels, I have come across some truly amazing herbs and spices.


Creating a brand

I was inspired by the intensity of aroma and flavours to create Zest & Zing following almost 20 years in the oil industry so that I could share my passion for quality ingredients and bring freshly ground spices and expertly blended seasonings to the kitchens of others

zest and zing

No more wasted spices

Zest & Zing spices come in perfectly sized, refillable Italian glass so that our blends can be enjoyed at the peak of their freshness. Spices and herbs left in the cupboard for months can lose their aroma and impact. 

wasted spices

Premium spices and herbs make better tasting dishes.

You don’t need to be an expert chef to create an unforgettable meal. Quality herbs or spices expertly blended by us will help you compose a delicious, aromatic meal that will impress your family and friends. The depth of flavour will be complex, but the cooking won’t be.

Premium spices

Quality ingredients do most of the work for you. 

The hint of a fragrance can transport you back to your childhood, towards distant lands, or can create a festive atmosphere right in your kitchen. Our blends can be used for a special meal for family and friends or simply to add a zesty twist to your everyday cooking.

Zest & Zing… for phenomenal food.