Foodie Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Foodie Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s finally heating up around here and summertime means fresh produce, outdoor eating, barbecues, and Father’s Day. Not sure what to get your dad? We’ve made a list of some great foodie Father’s Day gift ideas. And we’ve included a few things fromZest & Zing that would be perfect for the dad who likes to cook!

6 Foodie Father’s Day Gift Ideas by Zest & Zing!

1 - A Taste of Barbecue Gift Set by Z&Z

This one is a brilliant idea if we do say so ourselves!Zest & Zing’s Taste of Barbecue Gift Set comes with four of our newest spice and seasoning blends: Cajun Seasoning, Chicken Rub, Lamb Rub, and Chimichurri. With these perfectly curated mixes of spices, herbs, and salts, your dad will be making amazing grilled chicken wings, delicious lamb chops, succulent steaks, and even better burgers - not that he doesn’t already do the best grilling around anyway!

Beautifully packaged in a sturdy cylinder, these are the ultimate spices for a man who likes to barbecue. No need to spend time making your own meat rubs - we’ve done the thinking for you. Rest assured we’ve only used premium ingredients. Your meats are sorted.

It’s not all about Barbecue though. If your dad doesn’t do meat, we’ve got something for everybody.Shop all of our gift sets now!

                      6 Foodie Father’s Day Gift Ideas by Zest & Zing! Foodie Father's Day Gift Ideas - Zest & Zing

2 - Personalised Grill Tools

Another idea we love?These sleek personalised BBQ tools by Pink Biscuits. They’re great because you can literally get anything you want written on the matching tongs, fork, and spatula. So it could be your dad’s name or it could be a cheeky message from you! (Something like “King of the Barbecue” or maybe “I know what I’m doing” would be more appropriate for your dad?) What better way to show you care? And that you respect his grill mastery, of course. For a slightly different look, we’d also like to havethis set by Twenty Seven that comes with a personalised apron for dad.

Foodie Father's Day Gift Ideas - Zest & Zing

3 - Make-Your-Own-Chorizo Kit

Spend some time with your dad this Father’s Day! Gifts that double as an experience are twice as fun for both of you. ThisMake-Your-Own-Chorizo-Sausage Kit by Designa Sausage and Spicely Does It comes with everything you need to create your own chorizo (minus the meat), including casings, curing salt, spice blends, piping bags, and instructions. You’ll just have to patiently wait for 5 to 7 days to taste your chorizo! The same company also makes kits to make other types of sausages if you’d like another flavour profile!

Can’t wait that long for that smoky taste? We’ve got you covered if you just want that spice and seasoning now! Check out ourSweet Smoked Paprika orChipotle Chili, and if you’re feeling in the mood for more Spanish-style foods, try ourPaella blend!

                      Foodie Father's Day Gift Ideas - Zest & Zing Foodie Father's Day Gift Ideas

4 - A Personalised Cutting Board or Cheese Board

Have a dad who doesn’t get tired of seeing his name all over the place? You can pretty much personalise anything these days. Get your dad a cutting board with his name, initials, or a special message written on it for all the barbecue prep he’ll be doing over Father’s Day weekend. We love thesehand-carved boards by Posh Totty Designs Creates. They’re made out of beech or oak wood and they have a sturdy and classic look.

Not in need of another cutting board? These naturalolive wood cheese boards by The Rustic Dish are not only beautiful - they have a carved speech bubble that you can fill with your own words. Original and perfect for serving even the fanciest of guests!

Foodie Father's Day Gift Ideas - Zest & Zing

5 - A Specially-Curated Spice Collection For Your Dad

Okay, another one of our own ideas at Z&Z. Show your dad you know what he likes. Pick out a few ofZest & Zing’s premium, small-batch spices and let him taste the difference.

Got a daredevil of a father? Get him to try our newGhost Pepper or introduce him to the spicyZhug blend. Or better yet, give him our wholeZ&Z Aromatic Chili Gift Set.

Have a dad who enjoys the finer things? Let him try our decadentWhite Truffle Sea Salt - it’s a bestseller for a reason! Or give him four different salts to season or finish his dishes with ourPremium Gourmet Sea Salts Set!

If you’d rather us do the work of selecting the perfect foursome of spices, check out all of ourspecial Z&Z Gift Sets based on the world’s cuisines with flavours from Italy, Mexico, India, the Middle East, Asia, Greece, and Lebanon.

Foodie Father's Day Gift Ideas - Zest & Zing

6 - A Cornish Pasty With Your Dad’s Name on It

Want to be dad’s favorite this year? This idea is a little silly but totally amazing all the same! The folks at Philp’s Famous Pasties will createan extra large traditional Cornish pasty with your dad’s name on it. Or whatever other 20 characters you want to put on there! (Nicknames, anyone?) They don’t use preservatives so you’ve gotta eat it within 24 hours of delivery, but we don’t expect that to be a problem! You can choose from several different fillings and it’s great for a family Father’s Day gathering! Talk about uniqueand memorable!