Vanilla Powder

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Sourced from fragrant Madagascan black seed pods grown in tropical environments, our exotic Vanilla Bean Powder is a special addition to your baking repertoire.

  • Enjoy it as an ice cream topping, whip it into sweet creams, sprinkle it on your latte or add it to your breakfast oats.
  • Pairs deliciously with Vanilla or caramel ice cream, buttercream icing, cappuccino, latte foam, toppings, butterscotch sauce, churros, doughnut, snickerdoodle cookies.
  • Vanilla has a sweet, aromatic and exotic flavour lends itself to use in baking and confections. It pairs well with dairy, cocoa and fruit. It's traditional uses include flavouring cakes, biscuits, puddings and beverages. It is also revered for its use in soaps and perfumes. Vanilla's intoxicating scent is instantly identifiable and often associated with tropical environments.
  • Vanilla is cultivated from gorgeous yellow orchids and black pods cradling fragrant seeds. There are several varieties of vanilla with Bourbon Vanilla grown in Madagascar being the most prized. This is vanilla we source from a small supplier in Madagascar. Other popular varieties of vanilla grow in Tahiti, India and Papua New Guinea.
    • 100% Pure Vanilla bean powder.

    • Each jar contains 15g, approximately 14 x 1/2 Tsp,

    • Recommended usage for maximum freshness is 9 months.

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