Zest & Zing Kickstarter Successful Funding raising Campaign

Zest & Zing Kickstarter Successful Funding raising Campaign


This news is a little late, but Zest & Zing is excited to announce that we reached our Kickstarter goal in the campaign that we launched during September 2017. Here are the numbers:

With the help of136 backers, we raised£15,350.That’s 102% of our goal funded! By you!

We gave away lots of our favorite Z&Z gift sets, best-selling products, and newest spices as incentives for your pledges. We wanted our backers to receive something special in return for their generous contributions and, of course, sample the quality of our brand.

The most popular reward - by far - was our complete line of  “A Taste Of” gift sets, each of which contains four premium spices from one culinary region of the world. We don’t blame people for choosing that one because those backers received 16 of our best spices, herbs, and blends.

So we want to say thanks! And we also wanted to let you know that we’ve been using this money to build our business and expand our range and offerings to better serve you!

At Zest & Zing, we wanted to add more accessories to our line, like ourolive wood spice racks and spoons. We also used the funds to pre-order our Christmas range to provide customers with great holiday gift ideas for foodies. Zest & Zing eventually hopes to find a retail location where we can stock larger quantities of our products. This would be a major expansion for us!

We’re so excited that our brand is quickly getting noticed. We continue to receive nothing by overwhelmingly positive feedback from those of you who have tried our products! I know that they - like me - recognize the quality of our small-batch products. You can truly see the difference that premium spices make in your cooking. If you haven’t tried them yet, start now!Here are a few of our bestsellers.

Z&Z wants to grow and expand without losing any of that phenomenal quality that we’re steadily becoming known for! We’re aiming to provide nothing but the best customer service, so if there’s anything you’d like to see from us, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re constantly addingnew blends!

If you’ve tried our spices or created any amazing dishes using them, please remember to tell us about it on social media and tag us in your photos! We’d love to hear from you!

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