Xmas Foodie Gift Sets - Gift Ideas for Chefs

Xmas Foodie Gift Sets - Gift Ideas for Chefs

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that foodie in your life? At Zest & Zing, we’ve got some great gift ideas for the cook, gourmand, or food lover that are both unique and useful. Our Christmas gift sets are exquisitely curated with the finest premium spices, blends, and sea salts. Whether your foodie friends prefer cooking exotic cuisine or barbecuing on the grill most weekends, we’ve got a Christmas gift set that will please everyone. Here are some of the best foodie Christmas gifts we have here at Zest & Zing. Instead of waiting until the last minute, you can go ahead and buy them now! We’re ready!

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When Do Christmas Gift Sets Come Out? The Best Foodie Christmas Gifts.

“A Taste Of” Gift Sets - Flavours from Around the World

These are our first and most popular Zest & Zing gift sets. Each is filled with four perfectly tailored spices from a specific region of the world. Give your friends and family the ingredients to cook their favourite cuisine or send them something new and different to experiment with.

We’ve specially selected spices to give you a taste of Italy, India, Mexico, Asia, Lebanon, and the Middle East. So whether you want to cook an amazing curry, pasta, falafel, or stir fry, you can do it using these potent spices and blends. Here’s a look at all of our spice gift sets and their contents to help you decide!

When Do Christmas Gift Sets Come Out? The Best Foodie Christmas Gifts.

A Taste of Italy: Calabrian Chilli Flakes, White Truffle Sea Salt, Pesto, and Oregano. This one is perfect for pastas, bruschetta, risotto, and flavourful basic dishes that could use a little something extra, like roasted fish or vegetables.

A Taste of India: Cumin, Curry, Garam Masala, Tandoori Spice. Create curries, flavour-packed meats and fish, and vibrant rice dishes that leave your kitchen smelling amazing.

A Taste of Mexico: Chili Lime Salt, Mexican Mole, Jalapeno Pepper Powder, Chipotle Chile Powder. Perfect your fajitas, an intricate mole, or grilled cornelotes with these spices and blends.

A Taste of Asia: Chinese Five Spice, Katsu Curry, Sriracha, Thai Curry Powder. Make a Japanese curry, succulent pork dish, or any of your favourites from Thailand and China.

A Taste of Lebanon: Za’atar, Hummus Spice, Shawarma Blend, Lebanese Seven Spice. Master hummus, try unique table condiments, or cook your own falafels and flatbreads at home with this set.

A Taste of the Middle East: Aleppo Pepper, Harissa, Sumac, Ras el Hanout. Taste intense new flavours with these quintessential Middle Eastern blends that’ll have you attempting tagine, shawarma, fattoush salads, and aromatic stews or grilled dishes.

When Do Christmas Gift Sets Come Out? The Best Foodie Christmas Gifts.

Aromatic Chili Set

For the heat lover in your life, why not give them a variety of chilies they haven’t experienced before? Spice things up with ourAromatic Chili Set which contains chile peppers from around the world. It has Calabrian Chili Flakes for fresh pastas, Jalapeño Pepper Powder to heat things up nicely, Chipotle Chile Flakes for that mild, smoky flavour, and Aleppo Pepper for a tangy, fruity heat. Read moreon how to use one of our favourite peppers!

When Do Christmas Gift Sets Come Out? The Best Foodie Christmas Gifts.

Gourmet Sea Salt Set

For that friend or family member who likes a little luxury in their life, ourGourmet Sea Salt Set is the perfect fit. Not only are these sea salts brilliant for seasoning, cooking, and finishing dishes, but they’re rich in healthy minerals. Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt stands out on simple dishes like fried eggs or avocado toast, while our Hawaiian Red Gold Salt adds nutty flavour, iron, and a pop of red colour to your plate. Pink Himalayan Salt is popular these days for its nutritional benefits and you can interchange it with everyday table salt. And you’ll want to put our earthy, flaky Garlic and Parsley Sea Salt on everything! Read more aboutthe benefits of our Hawaiian sea salts!

When Do Christmas Gift Sets Come Out? The Best Foodie Christmas Gifts.

A Taste of Barbecue

A great gift for dad or any master of the grill, ourTaste of Barbecue Gift Set includes a few of our favourite blends and seasonings for meats, fish, and vegetables that are destined for the grill. Mix our Chimichurri Steak Rub with a little olive oil for a bright accompaniment to sizzling hot meats or use it as a marinade for extra flavour. Try our Cajun Spice blend with just about anything. It works great on chicken, steak, fish, prawns, or vegetables. This gift set also comes with our fragrant and perfectly paired Lamb Rub and Chicken Rub to make dinner easy. Seasoning blends take out the guesswork when it comes to marinades, rubs, and prepping your proteins, and this one of our most versatile sets!Read more about our favourite foodie gifts for fathers.

Have you starting thinking about Christmas yet? Which gift set would you choose for the foodie in your life?